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Houston psychiatrist, Dr. Charles Covert and his staff attended a professional meeting with other leaders in the Houston psychiatric community. The symposium was entitled “Exploring Insomnia: The Science of Wake Sleep and Discussion of Treatment. “The two speakers were Rakesh Jain, M.D., MPH, a psychiatrist on faculty at the University of Texas at Austin Medical School and Russell Rosenberg, Ph.D., sleep researcher and Chairman, Board of Directors of the National Sleep Foundation.

Drs. Jain’s and Rosenberg’s presentations covered the role of the neurotransmitter, Orexin, in regulating the wake-sleep circuit and the newest hypnotic medication, Belsomra, in the treatment of comorbid insomnia. Belsomra works by preventing awakening.

Dr. Covert is now prescribing this new medication for select patients with chronic persistent insomnia.