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Most of us are patriotic, but we don’t know how to help our military troops in the field. is the place to find out how to send donations to purchase helmet pad upgrades for combat helmets. Head injury and brain damage are the leading causes (>80%) of death and disability in our combat units, many due to inferior helmet inner liners and padding. $34.00 buys one helmet upgrade!! “THE LIFE YOU SAVE MAY SAVE ANOTHER.”

Dr. Covert is a Houston, Texas psychiatrist and USAF Veteran who believes everyone needs the option and a way to help our combat personnel stay as safe as possible in war zones.

Dr. Covert is a Houston, Texas psychiatrist who is also a Texas workers compensation doctor and OWCP psychiatrist who evaluates and participates in the treatment of patients with traumatic brain injury (TBI), particularly in the depressed moods and cognitive impairment that follows. Dr. Covert and his staff and consultants serve patients with severe industrial head injuries as well as those traumatized, either in the military or as civilians in the war zones of Iraq and Afghanistan. He is a Defense Base Act doctor and psychiatrist and an OWCP doctor and psychiatrist.

Posted on 3-18-2011