Dr. Covert assists many adults in obtaining their goals including the improvement and enhancement in their academic performance in college, their preparation for graduate or professional schools by optimizing scores on their LSATs, GREs, MCATs, as well as effectively preparing for various licensure and certification examinations required in medicine, engineering, architecture and many other professions. Dr. Covert’s adult ADHD patients include law students, medical students, engineers, architects, doctors, lawyers and MBA graduates.

The parents of children and adolescents with ADHD often have previously undiagnosed adult ADHD, which has inhibited them academically and caused them to be unable to successfully pursue their occupational goals or has inhibited their work performance. Often the history indicates that they have been previously diagnosed in childhood or adolescence, but either were never treated effectively with stimulant medication or, at some point, treatment was discontinued.

A high percentage of patients respond favorably to stimulant medication and are able to successfully prepare and complete the requirements for their respective professions. These patients also frequently report that management of their ADHD symptoms improves their social and marital relationships.

Dr. Covert conducts a comprehensive psychiatric examination and provides objective computerized psychological testing for co-existing psychiatric conditions as well as specific screening tests which document or rule out the presence of ADHD and provide a guide to severity.

Patients often report stabilization and improvement within the first month of treatment, which includes trial of stimulant medication and titration on a weekly basis to their optimal dosages. Long acting formulations of these medications are prescribed to enable convenient once daily dosing, a minimum of side effects, as well as a 12-hour duration of action without interfering with sleep architecture.

Dr. Covert considers it a privilege to collaborate with his adult ADHD patients to optimize the achievement of their personal and professional goals by controlling the previously inhibiting symptoms of this often undiagnosed disorder.

Dr. Covert is a forensic psychiatrist and can provide a report (at additional cost) documenting your diagnosis and recommendations for modifications for classroom and testing to accommodate ADHD symptoms to meet 504 requirements.

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