Up to 20% of children and adolescents in the United States have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder of either the inattentive, the hyperactive or the combined type. Approximately 50% of children and adolescents outgrow their condition in mid to late adolescence, but many carry it over into adulthood. Undiagnosed and untreated ADHD can create later difficulties with depression, substance abuse or difficulty with academic achievement and occupational performance and advancement. It is important that you seek management of this condition from an experienced psychiatrist.

Management, including medication, must be individualized, but should include parent and teacher questionnaires, specific ADHD screening tests and objective computerized psychological testing for the detection of other comorbid or coexisting psychiatric conditions, including depression and substance abuse. A urine drug screen, provided in our office, can be helpful to determine whether or not there is any complicating factor in this area. Also, computerized occupational testing is offered and can be helpful in setting realistic academic and occupational goals. Approximately 75% of children and adolescents favorably respond to stimulant medication with improved attention and concentration and reduced distractibility and generally, at least one grade level in improved academic performance can be expected.

Dr. Covert studied at the Child Study Center is Little Rock, Arkansas and later worked as a psychiatric consultant for the Houston Independent School District, as well as with diagnosticians and teachers at Houston’s Spring Branch Independent School District. Dr. Covert has considerable experience in managing this complex condition. Early diagnosis and treatment can enhance social, academic, interpersonal and vocational functioning.

According to Biederman et al, appropriate child and adolescent treatment of ADHD reduces later substance abuse problems by 85%.

Dr. Covert is a forensic psychiatrist and can provide a report (at additional cost) documenting your diagnosis and recommendations for modifications for classroom and testing to accommodate ADHD symptoms to meet 504 requirements.

Call our office at 713-975-1975 for a comprehensive evaluation, diagnosis and treatment plan to give your child or adolescent the opportunity to meet their full potential.

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