PTSD occurs in patients who have been exposed to an extremely traumatic event involving severe injury or near death to themselves or to someone else in their presence and at times is the result of someone’s traumatic death in their presence. Patients experience nightmares and flashbacks to the event which make it seem as if it is recurring and often undergo a change in personality as well as serious symptoms of depression, anxiety and impaired concentration.

Dr. Covert is particularly experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of PTSD because he has practiced in what is arguably the most dangerous industrial area of the world, with a confluence of high risk industries, including oil and gas, transportation, refineries, chemical plants, heavy industry as well as the Port of Houston and military installations and activities.

Following a comprehensive battery of computerized standardized psychological testing, to promote accurate diagnosis and documentation, successful therapy involves cognitive behavioral therapy, medical group psychotherapy, pharmacotherapy and when appropriate, family psychotherapy.