Dr. Covert has worked with many senior professionals and business executives to help enhance their performance.

Our practice serves patients of all races, faiths and national origins. Spanish is spoken.

Friendly and professional office staff and 24 hour answering service.

Group therapy sessions.

Intellectual and occupational testing for establishing realistic educational goals, career planning and success.

Treatment of child, adolescent and adult ADHD to level the playing field.

I was injured on my job. I can never return to the job I was trained for because of my injury. My treating doctor said I needed to see a workers comp psychiatrist. Dr. Covert helped me cope with the Texas workers comp injury rehabilitation process and gave me hope by helping me find a new career through occupational testing and patience and perseverance. I will be able to earn a living again. I can never thank Dr. Covert enough for giving me back my self esteem and independence.


My son was failing in school and was unable to control his behavior. I was looking for an ADHD doctor and made an appointment with Dr. Covert who confirmed that my son has ADHD. He started treatment with my son, but he also worked with my husband and I and our other child. He helped us to understand how my son’s ADHD had affected the entire family and created marital problems between my husband and me. Dr. Covert is a good marriage counselor and we are working together. He also enlisted the cooperation of my son’s teachers. My son is now more confident and is doing well is school and we are like a family again. I think Dr. Covert is the best ADHD psychiatrist in Houston.


I am a 40-year-old male. I suffer from PTSD. I was a Marine Mechanic and I had my left, dominant hand ripped apart, causing the loss of my thumb. I have had 4 operations and am due to have another in the near future. Dr. Covert accepts my Federal Worker’s Comp. Dr. Covert has helped to prepare me for another surgery, which in the past I did not want. I attend group therapy which I enjoy and do biofeedback, which has helped me a great deal with pain management and anxiety.


The staff always greets you with a smile and a good word and Dr. Covert goes out of his way to help people. I feel Dr. Covert has my best interests in mind at all times, makes me stretch and take action instead of sitting and doing nothing. I do try to recommend Dr. Covert to everyone as one of the few doctors who puts the needs of the patient first. Thanks to Dr. Covert and his very able staff.


Dr. Covert has been very caring and compassionate. I feel that he has been a huge asset as a patient advocate. I feel that Dr. Covert listens to me and is respectful. The staff are fantastic. They are always kind and helpful.


If I had not come here, I don’t know what would have happened to me by now. I also think the staff is wonderful. It’s a real good practice and one I would definitely recommend to others.


I especially appreciated Dr. Covert’s calling me the day after my first appointment to see how I was adjusting to my new medication.


I would recommend Dr. Covert because of the ease of getting an appointment, his promptness, his courteous staff, the accuracy of his diagnoses, his ability to communicate, because of all the time he spends with me and the close follow-up.